La Familia - Dally Messenger III


Segment featuring Fay and Betty Scoles -
mentioning Messenger, Macauley, Carroll, Scoles, Heffernan, Rohr, Waller, Coates

The Continental Hotel Sorrento - Messenger-Davidson- Doyle - Hughes
The finding of Gold Sovereign

Genevieve Messenger -
the Daylesford Celebrant. Genevieve is the eldest daughter of Dally Messenger III

Remi Barclay Messenger
is the wife of Dally Messenger III. Married in 2005

Dally Messenger III
This is my site - and I'll do what I want to.

Julia Messenger (loutside websites)
Youngest daughter of Dally Messenger III
--- Album Documentary
--- Anthem-Centenary NRL Test Match
--- Waltzing Matilda @Storm Vs Broncos
--- Anzac Day Anthem

Annie Atkinson of Coburg Victoria, married Charles Amos Messenger in 1875 in Gore St Fitzroy, Melboourne. After he died, 52 years later, in 1927, she married David Jones in the Congregational Church. in Sydney ... read more


This is Faye and Betty Scoles, my cousins, about 1950 - one of the joys of my young life. See link to the Scoles family.